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My Life Reduced to Paragraphs

Experience Summary (Have you ever been experienced?)

A more detailed resumé version in Word can be found here.

Managerial experience includes supervision of groups up in both retail and call center environments.

Project management experience includes retail marketing campaigns and website projects of varying scale and complexity.

Technical skills/knowledge include relational database concepts, SQL, MS Access, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, image capturing and processing, HTML, XHTML, ASP, CSS, JavaScript, UML, WAP, technical documentation, web site construction, Microsoft Windows (9x, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7).

Experience Details

Compri Consulting/Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Finance, 7/2017 - Present

Publications Specialist
Although initially contracted to edit a monthly bulletin (grammar, spelling, punctuation), I also became responsible for managing a set of departmental web pages and making updates and changes on a regular basis, as part of an ongoing project to streamline and consolidate information.

CNIC Health Solutions, 7/2008 - 7/2017

On-line Services Specialist; Check Run Specialist
Primarily responsible for timely running of extracts and provider checks, but also rebuilt and redesigned company intranet; redesigned company's public-facing website for efficiency and currently working on incorporating elements of responsive design. I am also responsible for keeping documents on our member portal site up to date, and creating custom portal sites when necessary for business reasons. I designed and implemented a database for tracking our employee incentive program.

Internet Connection, LLC, 10/2007 - 5/2008

UI Designer, Technical Writer, Technical Support
Primary job duty was designing sites compatible to mobile platforms (WAP/WML); however, I also provided tier one technical support for DSL and dial-up customers. I also created, and updated existing, technical documentation regarding procedures.

Standard & Poor's, 1/2006 - 10/2007

Document Specialist I
While in this position, I served as functional Ops Support for our production staff;this included database changes, troubleshooting and repairing desktop applications. Admin duties for ImageNow (document management system), departmental databases and technical documentation.
I was responsible for timely and accurate sourcing of company financial data from the Internet and direct company contact. Direct contact usually involved the ability to convey ideas in a multitude of languages, as well as [mostly] accurate translations from English into French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish, including correct honorifics and idioms.


B.S. in Electronic Business ManagementWestwood College 2005
A.S. in Software Engineering Westwood College 2003

So Why Should you Hire me?

I work hard; I enjoy being useful. In a work environment, though initially shy, I try to make people smile and feel good. I am very much a self-starter when it comes to learning opportunities. I have the capacity to become a SME in a variety of things. I am generally agreeable and am the type to figure out how to accomplish something rather than whine about how it can't be done.


About Me

Actually, know what? I was trying to revamp this area so it wasn't in the third person... but either way, I sound pretty boring on paper. So let's skip the so-called "professionalism" and get down to brass tacks. All an employer really needs to know about me is that I am dependable and I take pride in a job well done. Also that I am legally allowed to work in the United States.

Life is a role-playing game; we simply try to fill the niche that is needed at the time and level up appropriately. Some stats are higher than others. I am working on leveling up all the time.


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Feet. We so often take for granted these appendages; making jokes and unkind remarks about them.

I have always liked my feet. Not fetishized or anything, but since I was never a slave to fashion (or shoes), my toes are not smooshed together or otherwise deformed. No ingrown nails, no bunions or corns, neither too large nor too small.

I feel betrayed. Both feet were broken back in March (well, left foot & right ankle) and I am recovering from a recent surgery that reattached the ligaments and tendons I seem to have snapped in the ankle. My foot will be non-weight-bearing for a couple more weeks at least. I have crutches now, but even though the metatarsal fractures in the left foot have healed, I still can't bear full weight on that foot alone very well because arthritis has developed along the fracture site.

Be kind to your feet. You don't get another pair.